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We carry a range of Waterford Crystal pieces as well as exquisite figurines. Browse our inventory of crystal and figurines below for the Waterford patterns we carry.

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Royal Doulton

A Good Catch HN2258
A La Mode HN2544
Afternoon Tea HN1747
Ajax HN2908
Alana HN4499
Alexandra HN3286
Alfred Jingle M52
Alice HN2158
Alice HN4003
Alison HN2336
Always & Forever HN3550
Amanda HN2996
Amy HN3316
Angela HN2389
Ann HN3259
Anne Bolelyn HN3232
Antoinette HN2326
April Shower HN3024
Autumn Breezes HN 1913
Autumn Breezes HN1911
Ballet Class HN3731
Balloon Boy HN2934
Balloon Clown HN2894
Balloon Girl HN2818
Balloon Lady HN2935
Balloon Seller HN2130
Beat You To It HN2871
Beatrice HN3263
Belle HN2340
Belle o' the Ball HN1997
Benmore HN2909
Best Wishes HN3971
Biddy HN1513
Bill Sykes M54
Blacksmith of Williamsburg HN2240
Blithe Morning HN2065
Blue Beard HN2105
Bonnie Lassie HN1626
Boy From Williamsburg HN2183
Bride and Groom HN3281
Bride, The HN3284
Brittany HN4206
Bumble M76
Bunny HN2214
Buttercup HN2309
Buttercup HN2399
Buz Fuz M53
Buzfuz HN538
Captain, The HN2260
Carmen HN2545
Carol HN2961
Carolyn HN2112
Carrie HN2800
Cavalier HN2716
Charlotte HN2421
Chelsea Pair (Woman) HN578
Chelsea Pair (Woman) HN577
Chloe HN1476
Chloe HN1479
Christine HN1839
Christine HN1840
Christine HN1978
Christine HN2380
Christine HN2792
Christine HN3172
Christmas Parcel HN2861
Claire HN3209
Clare HN2793
Clarissa HN2345
Claudia HN4320
Clockmaker, The HN2279
Collie 'Ashstead Applause' HN1058
Cookie HN2218
Country Rose HN3221
Craftsman, The HN2284
Cynthia HN1685
Cynthia HN1686
Cynthia HN1686A
Cynthia HN2440
Daffy Down Dilly HN1712
Darling HN3613
David Copperfield M88
Dawn HN1858
Debbie HN2385
Debbie HN2400
Deborah HN3644
December HN2696
Demure HN3045
Denise HN 2273
Diana HN2468
Donna HN2939
Doreen HN1389
Doreen HN1390
Dreaming HN3133
Drummer Boy HN2679
Duchess of York HN3086
Dulcie HN2305
Easter Day HN1976
Elaine HN2791
Elaine HN3214
Elaine HN3247
Elaine HN4865
Eliza HN2543
Embroidering HN2855
Enchantment HN2178
Evelyn HN1622
Evelyn HN1637
Fagin M49
Fair Lady (Coral) HN2835
Fair Lady HN2832
Fair Lady HN3216
Fair Lady HN4719
Fair Maiden HN2434
Fairy Spell HN2979
Falstaff HN2054
Falstaff HN3236
Family HN2721
Fat Boy HN530
Favourite, The HN2249
Fiona HN2694
Flower Sellers Children HN1342
Foaming Quart, The HN2162
Forty Winks HN1974
Friendship HN3491
Gabrielle CL4012
Gamekeeper, The HN2879
Genie, The HN2989
Gentleman From Williamsburg HN2227
Geraldine HN2348
Gift of Love HN3427
Giselle HN2139
Good King Wenceslas HN2118
Good King Wenceslas HN3262
Goody Two Shoes HN2037
Happy Anniversary HN3254
Happy Birthday HN3095
Hazel HN3167
Heather HN2956
Helen HN3601
Her Ladyship HN1977
Hilary HN2335
His Holiness John Paul II HN2888
HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother HN3230
Home Again HN2167
Honey HN1909
Huckleberry Finn HN2927
Innocence HN2842
Irene HN1621
Irene HN1697
Isabella, Countess of Sefton HN3010
Jack HN2060
Jack Russell with Shoe
Jacqueline HN2001
Janice HN2022
Janice HN3634
Janine HN2461
Jean HN2032
Jean HN2710
Jennifer HN1484
Jennifer HN3447
Jennifer HN4240
Joan HN3217
Joanne HN2373
Joanne HN3422
Joanne HN4202
Judge, The HN2443
Julia HN2705
Julie HN2995
June HN 1691
June HN1947
June HN2027
June M71
Karen HN2388
Kathleen HN3100
Lady April HN1958
Lady Charmain HN1949
Lady From Williamsburg HN2228
Lady Pamela HN2718
Lambing Time HN1890
Laura HN2960
Laura HN3136
Lauren HN3259
Lauren HN3290
Lauren HN3872
Lauren HN3975
Laurianne HN2719
Leading Lady HN2269
Leap, The HN3522
Let's Play HN3397
Letter to Santa HN5585
Linda HN2106
Linda HN3374
Linda HN3879
Lindsay HN3645
Little Ballerina HN3395
Little Lord Fauntleroy HN2972
Little Nell M51
Lobster Man HN2317
Loretta HN2337
Lorna HN2311
Lorraine HN3118
Lorraine HN4301
Louise HN3207
Lunchtime HN2485
Lyric HN2757
Madaleine HN3255
Magic Dragon HN2977
Maisie HN1619
Make Believe HN2225
Marguerite HN755
Maria HN3381
Marie HN1370
Marjorie HN 2788
Mary Had a Little Lamb HN2048
Mary HN3375
Mary Jane HN1990
Mask Seller, The HN2103
Master, The HN2325
Maureen HN1770
Maureen HN2481
Maureen HN4893
Maureen M84
Maytime HN2113
Meditation HN2330
Melanie HN2271
Mephistopheles HN775
Merely a Minor HN2567
Merely a Minor HN2571
Michelle HN4158
Millicent HN1715
Miranda HN3037
Miss Demure HN1402
Miss Muffet HN1936
Miss Muffet HN1937
Modesty HN2744
Monica HN1467
Moonlight Rose HN3483
Moor, The
Mr Micawbar M42
Mrs. Bardell M86
Musicale HN2756
Nancy HN2955
Nanny HN2221
Nell Gwynn HN1882
Nelson HN2928
New Companions HN2770
Nicola HN2839
Nicole HN3421
Nina HN2347
Ninette HN3215
Noel HN4084
Noelle HN2179
Old Country Roses HN3482
Old Mother Hubbard HN2314
Olivia HN3717
Omar Khayyam HN2247
Pamela HN2479
Patience HN3533
Patricia HN1414
Patricia HN1431
Patricia HN1462
Patricia HN1567
Patricia HN2715
Patricia HN3365
Patricia HN3907
Paula HN2906
Paula HN3234
Pauline HN1444
Pauline HN2441
Penelope HN1904
Penny HN2338
Pensive Moments HN2704
Picnic HN2308
Pied Piper, The HN2102
Piper HN3444
Piper, The HN2907
Poacher, The HN2043
Pollyanna HN2965
Potter, The HN1493
Pretty Polly HN2768
Pride & Joy HN2945
Professor, The HN2281
Punch and Judy HN2765
Queen of the Dawn HN2437
Queen of the Ice HN2435
Rag Doll HN2142
Rag Doll Seller HN2944
Reflection HN1847
Regal Lady HN2709
Repose HN2272
Reverie HN2306
River Boy HN2128
Romance HN2430
Romany Sue HN1757
Rose HN2123
Rose of the Glen HN4741
Roseanna HN1926
Rosebud HN1983
Royal Govenor's Cook HN2233
Rumplestiltskin HN3025
Sabbath Morn HN1982
Sairey Gamp M46
Samantha HN3304
Samantha HN4043
Sandra HN2275
Santa Claus HN2725
Santa Claus HN2725
Sara HN2265
Sara HN3219
Sarah (Figure of the Year 2002)
Sarah HN3380
Scrooge M87
Secret Thoughts HN2382
Secret Thoughts HN4197
Serenade HN2753
Shepherd M17
Shepherd, The HN1975
Shirley HN2702
Shore Leave HN2254
Silks and Ribbons HN2017
Silversmith of Williamsburg HN2208
Sir Henry Doulton HN3891
Sir Walter Raleigh HN2015
Sir Winston Churchill HN3057
Sit HN3123
Skater HN2318
Skater, The HN2117
Soiree HN2312
Solitude HN2810
Sonata HN2438
Song of the Sea HN2729
Sophie HN2833
Southern Belle HN2229
Southern Belle HN2425
Spring Morning HN1922
St. George HN2051
Stephanie HN2807
Stephanie HN4986
Summer Breeze HN3724
Summer's Darling HN3091
Sunday Best HN2206
Sunday Best HN2698
Sweet & Twenty HN1298
Sweet Anne HN1496
Sweet Dreams HN2380
Sweet Seventeen HN2734
Sweeting HN1935
Teresa HN3206
Thank You HN3390
Thanks Doc HN2731
The Broken Lance HN2041
The Magpie Ring HN2978
The One That Got Away HN2153
The Polka HN2156
Thinking of You HN3124
Tinkle Bell HN1677
Tinsmith HN2146
Tom Sawyer HN2926
Tootles HN1680
Top o' the Hill HN1849
Top o' the Hill HN3499
Town Crier HN2119
Town Crier HN3261
Toymaker, The HN2250
Tracy HN2736
Tracy HN3291
Trotty Veck M91
Tuppance A Bag HN2320
Tuppence a Bag HN2320
Twilight HN2256
T'zu Hsi, Empress Dowager HN2391
Valerie HN2107
Vanessa HN1836
Vanessa HN3198
Vanity HN2475
Victoria HN2471
Victorian Lady HN728
Votes for Women HN2816
Wayfarer, The HN2362
Wedding Day HN2750
Wendy HN2109
Wimbledon HN3366
Winsome HN2220
Winter HN2088
Winter Time HN3060
Wistful HN2396
Wistful HN2472
Witch, The HN4444
Wizard, The HN2877
Young Love HN2735
Young Master, The HN2872
Yours Forever HN3354
Yvonne HN3038

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