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Home Entertaining Trends: 2020

Home Entertaining Trends: 2020

My friends will all agree, I love cooking and entertaining. I make it a huge production by setting the table with all of my finest china, silver, and crystal. However, sometimes, I just don’t have time to do all of the work involved.

Recently, I came across a fantastic article: Home Cooking Trends of 2020. Below is an excerpt that I thought you might enjoy; interactive dinners where everyone gets involved, also known as, Experiential Eating.

“At gatherings today, food is moving beyond the buffets, kitchen counters, and dining rooms to instead become a defining part of the party’s conversation and ambiance. Food and cooking where the guests get involved is a growing entertaining format.

Factors driving the trend include: Lessens the load for the host, food becomes a growing part of the conversation and entertainment, guests more easily tailor the dish to match their flavor and dietary preferences, and more homeowners installing elaborate outdoor cooking areas that allow guests to cook.”

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Oh, and don’t forget…cooking is always better with a bottle of wine!


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