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Making Old New Again

Making Old New Again

Last week, we focused on the history of Echo’s and our beautiful collections. Now, it’s time to look towards the future. We have lots we’re looking forward to and getting together with our families is at the top of the list. Planning a dinner party may be in the not-so-distant future. So go ahead, have some fun with it. We hope you enjoy it!

Kristen: We are finding more and more customers who either inherited a dinner set, were gifted china when they got married, or are of a younger generation just beginning to appreciate precious vintage pieces. If you’re wanting to update an existing table setting, purchase 3- 4 salad plates in complementary patterns. By swapping out just the salad plates, you’ll be able to change the look of your tablescape, dramatically! Below, I used Royal Albert “Moonlight Rose” as my focal pattern and rotated in two other patterns to give it a completely different look. Similar to the “little black dress,” Moonlight Rose can be dressed up or down. This method is perfect for the china lovers who want more sets but don’t have space, or like me, want to have some fun setting the table.



We had such a good response from all of you regarding the interview I did with my mom this week, I decided to also ask three of my co-workers about their vintage china and décor:

Kristen: You’ve been having a few parties for one over the last year or so… Tell us about your Royal Albert Blossom Time.

Tracy: I inherited it from my grandma. It’s bright and cheerful and I think of her when I use it. I like to display it with a fuchsia tablecloth and my Waterford Millennium goblets. I actually have used it more often just for me over the last year than before.

Kristen: Your daughter surprised you for Mother’s Day…Tell us about it!?

Jennifer: My daughter had a local bakery deliver High Tea to our house. I was able to use my good china Royal Doulton Platinum Concord and some vintage china. I set the table and it looked gorgeous. I also used a tea set that was a wedding present from 50 years ago!

Kristen: You are known at Echo’s for being the Mix & Match expert. Customers come into the shop so you can help them customize a mix and match set. Any tips you can share with us?

Jane: When I mix and match dishes, I start with one pattern as my jumping-off point—just like in decorating. I don’t focus on matching patterns but instead unify with colour, shape, and theme. What I mean by theme is, do you want to tone down a pattern, making it more casual, or dress it up?  You can also use different colour tablecloths and other collectible items you might have to help decorate your table.

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