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Mix & Match: All Summer Long!

Mix & Match: All Summer Long!

All I can say is, “It’s about time! “and “I told you so!” when it comes to the newest trend: Mix and Matching Dishes. At Echo’s, we have been doing this for years but we’re so excited that it has finally caught on not only in restaurants but in people’s homes as well.

Here are a few helpful ideas if you’re in the market for vintage dishes.

I like to think of it as though you’re putting an outfit together. Think about style. Do you want it to be formal, casual, or a little bit of both? Start with one set that you truly love or perhaps have inherited.

Looking for a way to share Granny’s wedding china with your other family members? Mix and Match is the perfect way to do just that. You could divide the set up amongst the grandchildren, then each of them has the opportunity to add to the set in their own individual way. Or perhaps, you’ve already inherited a set. You might want to keep some, sell some, and add your own style to the rest. Again, it’s just like your wardrobe: if you have a few of the basics covered, you can put together lots of great outfits to fit different moods and occasions.

I’ve posted “How-To” photos below using 4 different patterns. If you stick to the same colour scheme with both large and small print, you can’t go wrong.

Start with a pattern you really like, or already have, such as Royal Albert Old Country Roses

From left to right: Royal Albert Old Country Roses with Minton Buckingham, Royal Albert Old Country Roses with Denby Juice and Spice, Royal Albert Old Country Roses with Denby China White and Wedgewood Strawberry and Vine.

The vintage flatware is “Dirilyte” made in the USA and sold at Echo’s.

So, good luck, have fun, and if you’re in our neighbourhood, drop by! We’re happy to help you customize your dinner set!

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