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Echo’s has been supplying props and set decorations for the movie and television industry for over 30 years.

From small vintage and antique collectibles, to an extensive selection of china dinnerware dating back to the 1920s, our Retail Store in North Vancouver, BC can set an authentic stage for your production.

We understand the tight timelines in the movie and television industry, and offer knowledgeable and efficient service, complete with free underground parking.

Whether you come by the store and select your rental items, call ahead so we can pull some pieces for you to have a look at, or choose items online that we can have ready for pick-up, contact us and let’s get started on a quote.


Whether you are buying or selling through Echo’s, you are recycling.

It used to be buying something previously owned for yourself or for a gift was taboo. Not anymore. Thankfully we have realized the quality and uniqueness of items from the past. Vintage is all the rage, as is mixing and matching new and old together. Family and friends enjoy receiving gifts bought from us and our customers are happy with how reasonable our prices are. Often our collectibles cost much less than a non recycled mass produced reproduction.

The benefit of selling an item to us is someone else is going to buy it and enjoy it rather than sitting in a box in the basement or the bottom of a china cabinet. You in turn can put the money toward something you are going to use and enjoy. It’s a win win situation.

Sometimes we can’t sell something due to space or our market. Why not donate it? Donations are another way of recycling and at the same time, supporting a cause that’s important to you. There are many worthy causes, these are some of our favourites:

  • Your local hospital Auxiliary Store
  • Your Local Hospice Store
  • S.P.C.A. Thrift Store
  • Church Sale

Are you an artist or Pinterest lover?

We have a large box of beautiful chipped and broken china that is perfect for mosaic projects. We offer this free of charge. Please call ahead to make sure we have pieces available.