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Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

I love planning. Whether it’s an upcoming family vacation, a dinner party, or even a backyard barbeque with friends; I take great pleasure in making sure all of the little details are just right. It sounds cheesy, but for me, it’s as much about the journey as it is the destination.

When planning a get-together, I find myself thinking about which guests will be coming, what they might like to eat or drink, how I’ll decorate, if there will be a theme…and so on and so forth.

Alternatively, when going on vacation, I like to walk myself through the entire trip; from getting off the plane at my destination to arriving back home in Vancouver. I get lost, like others would in a good book, reading reviews for the places we’re going to visit, the sights we’re going to see, and the food and drinks we’re going to taste. To me, this is all part of the fun!

Of course, we’re not able to host dinner parties or plan vacations right now, but this won’t last forever. We’ll come out the other side of this pandemic with a newfound appreciation for the things we may have been taking for granted.

What we can do now, is start planning for when things return to normal. For me, this means taking time to think about a dinner party I might like to host in the future. For example, my most recent idea is to host a dinner party where each of my friends brings a dish they learned to make during their social distancing. Can you imagine how amazing that spread will be?!

Apart from having guests over to my house, I can still prepare for this as I normally would. This could mean preparing some food ahead of time and sticking it in the freezer, setting up my outdoor entertaining space, or simply creating a Pinterest board to get those creative juices flowing.

Like all of you, I’m looking forward to the day this is all over and we can come together to celebrate. But for now, planning gives us hope for the future and provides us with some much-needed inspiration and fun!

Happy Planning,


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