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Reusing and Repurposing your China, Silver & Collectibles

Reusing and Repurposing your China, Silver & Collectibles

If you’ve been spending this downtime going through your closets and cupboards, then good for you! For those just gearing up for this task, I’ve got a few suggestions for how to repurpose your existing china, collectibles, and silverware.

Go Through Your Stuff

Whether you’re in a small space or a big one, having too much “stuff” is overwhelming. I always feel a little sad when customers come into the shop saying, “I’ve never used my Grannies china.” Or, “these were wedding gifts I’ve never taken out of the box.”

When cleaning out your closet, ask yourself, “Do I love it?” Regardless of whether or not something has sentimental value, if you don’t love it, don’t keep it. Don’t feel bad. All this means is that it’s time for someone else to love it.

If the sentimental value is high, you can always save one piece of Granny’s tea set, or take a photo of it and put it in a nice frame. The important thing to remember is that whoever it’s going to next will love it and use it—and that’s what it’s all about!

What Now?

At Echo’s, our business revolves around reusing and recycling, so it’s hard to think that there may be beautiful pieces that end up in the trash. Before you make the decision to toss something, try searching for local businesses you could donate to or ask around to your friends, family, and neighbours to see if they might enjoy your pre-loved pieces.

In some neighbourhoods, you can put FREE stuff out on the curb for a few days. Of course, that’s shifted slightly due to the pandemic, but we’re starting to see thrift stores open up once again.

The Fun Part

Once you’ve cleared the clutter you should be left with only things you love, use, and enjoy. Have a look at what you’ve kept and start getting creative with different ways you can repurpose them. Think about it like you would clothing. A black pair of pants can be dressed up with a nice blouse or worn casual with an over-sized t-shirt; you don’t need four pairs of black jeans for four different occasions. The same goes for decorating and tablescaping. I’ve taken a few photos to illustrate what I mean.

Now, I challenge you to find new uses for your existing pieces and share them with us on social media. I’m sure others would find inspiration in your creativity!

If you’re looking to find a new home for your china, silver, and collectibles, Echo’s may purchase your items to sell on consignment. Interested? Just send us an email at or give us a call at 604 980-8011.

Repurposing Ideas




Patterns used: Royal Albert: Dainty Blue, Royal Worcester: Avalon, Noritake: Garden Empress, Spode: Gainsborough, Spode: Wicker Lane, Spode: Wicker Dale, Royal Albert: American Beauty, Royal Albert: Celebration, Royal Albert: Cottage Garden, Hammersley: Dresden Sprays

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