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We take pride in our meticulous inspection process, ensuring only the finest pieces are shipped to you. Our secure automated systems manage our inventory and detailed customer profiles, so matching patterns and customers is a seamless process you can have confidence in.

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China Silver Crystal Figurines Collectables

Please click on a pattern below to see our stock for Royal Worcester.
(*) indicates currently available stock.
  Adams June Z282   
  Admiration June Z502/1   
  Albemarle Kashmir   
  Alexandra Katmandu   
  Alfresco Kempsey (*) Click to View Pattern   
  Alhambra Kentmere   
  Allegro (*) Click to View Pattern Kildare Green   
  Alpine Blue Z1819/1 Kildare Pink Floral   
  Alpine Pink Z1819/3 Kildare Yellow   
  Ambassador Gold (Cream Edge) Lady Evelyn Click to View Pattern   
  Arcadia Lady Hamilton   
  Arden Lareath   
  Ariel Lavalliere   
  Ashford Green Lavinia Cream (*)   
  Ashford Red Lavinia White   
  Astelot Lille Cobalt Blue   
  Astley (*) Lille Floral   
  Astley Z1822 Lord Nelson   
  Aston Lorna Doone (*) Click to View Pattern   
  Athena Lotus Green   
  Avalon Lotus Pink   
  Avalon Firenze (*) Lotus White   
  Bacchanal Cream (*) Click to View Pattern Lotus Yellow   
  Bacchanal Green Louise   
  Bacchanal Z2822 Malvern   
  Balmoral Malvern Blue   
  Baroness Platinum Mansfield   
  Beauchamp Blue 1814/2 Marjorie Green   
  Beauchamp Brown 1814/3 Marjorie Yellow   
  Beaufort Blue 1814/2 Marlowe C1006   
  Beaufort Rust/Red Marlowe C1009   
  Belford Marquis   
  Belvoir Blue Marquis Z1393   
  Belvoir Red Mayfair (*)   
  Bernice Mayfield   
  Bernina (*) Meadowsweet   
  Bessborough Blue Z715/3 Medici Blue   
  Bessborough Blue/Red Medici Green   
  Bessborough Green Z715/1 (*) Click to View Pattern Melba   
  Blenheim Melody   
  Blind Earl Multi Melrose   
  Blind Earl White Mirage (*) Click to View Pattern   
  Blue Broseley Miranda Light Blue   
  Blue Chelsea Miranda Light Green   
  Blue Dragon Fluted Miranda Yellow Z2251   
  Blue Dragon Scalloped Mondrian   
  Blue Dragon Semi Scalloped Monte Carlo Blue   
  Blue Dragon Straight Monte Carlo Ivory   
  Blue Medallion Montpelier   
  Blue Sprays Ribbed Montseraat (*)   
  Blue Sprays Smooth Moonflower (*) Click to View Pattern   
  Blue Sprays Swirl Moonlight   
  Bournemouth Click to View Pattern Mosaic   
  Bridal Lace (*) Mountbatten Black   
  Bridal Rose (*) Click to View Pattern Mountbatten Brown   
  Bridal Wreath Mountbatten Cobalt Blue   
  Brighton Mountbatten Grey   
  Bristol Odette   
  Buckingham Z1130 Old Bow   
  Buckingham Z15/2 Orlando Blue   
  Buckingham Z15/3 Orlando C2797/1   
  Candlelight Orlando C2797/7   
  Canterbury Orlando C2900   
  Capri Orleans Z1004   
  Caprice Orleans Z2734   
  Cavendish Blue Padua (*) Click to View Pattern   
  Cavendish Green Palmyra   
  Celeste Pastorale   
  Century Gold Patricia   
  Chamberlain Blue Pershore Gold   
  Chamberlain Green Pershore Green   
  Chamberlain Orange Petit Fleur Blue   
  Chamberlain Purple Petit Fleur Floral   
  Chamberlain's Rose Petit Fleur Pink   
  Chancellor Pomerina   
  Chapel Hill Pompadour Red   
  Charlotte Pompadour White   
  Charmion Poppy Fluted   
  Chelsea Poppy Smooth   
  Chevy Chase Blue Poppy Z507   
  Chevy Chase Yellow Portia C1794   
  Christina Portia Z1407/1   
  Clementime Princess Royal Cobalt Blue   
  Concerto (*) Princess Royal Green   
  Contessa Purple Vine   
  Cordova Pink Pussy Willow   
  Cordova Yellow Raffles   
  Corinth Platinum Regency Blue   
  Countess, The Regency Green   
  Countessa Regency Green   
  Country Garden Regency Green/Grey   
  Country Kitchen Regency Ruby   
  Coventry Rhapsody (*) Click to View Pattern   
  Cradley Rio   
  Cromwell (*) Ripple   
  Daphne Riviera   
  Delecta Z2266 Roanoke Cream (*) Click to View Pattern   
  Delecta Z2819 Roanoke White   
  Delecta Z2820 Roseland   
  Devonshire Rosemary C1009   
  Diana Rosemary C2418   
  Diplomat Rosemary C2419/3   
  Dorchester Gold (*) Click to View Pattern Rosemary C2509   
  Dorchester Semi Scalloped Rosemary Celadon Green 2419/9   
  Dorchester Smooth Rosemary Floral   
  Dorset Rosemary Light Blue C/2419/2   
  Duchess, The (*) Rosemary Light Blue C/2509/2   
  Dunrobin (*) Click to View Pattern Rosemary Pink C2509/4   
  Durham Rosemary Yellow   
  Eleanor (*) Click to View Pattern Rosemary Yellow 2419/4   
  Elysian Z1931 (*) Rosemary Yellow 2931/4   
  Elysian Z983 Rosemary Yellow C2509/4   
  Embassy Cobalt Blue Royal Court   
  Embassy Cream Royal David (*)   
  Embassy Green Royal Garden   
  Embassy Ruby Royal Oak   
  Embassy White Saguenay (*)   
  Empire Floral Sandringham Cobalt Blue Click to View Pattern   
  Empire White Sandringham Floral   
  Engadine Z2155 Savoy   
  Engadine Z2164 Click to View Pattern Sea Rose   
  Engagement (*) Click to View Pattern September   
  English Garden Blue Click to View Pattern Serenade   
  English Garden Pink Shantung   
  Evesham Gold (*) Click to View Pattern Sheraton   
  Evesham M (*) Sheridan   
  Evesham Orchard Signature   
  Evesham Vale (*) Silver Chantilly (*) Click to View Pattern   
  Fairfield Silver Frost   
  Fantasy Silver Jubilee   
  Fern Leaf Snow (*) Click to View Pattern   
  Ferncroft Pink (*) Click to View Pattern Snow Gold Edge Z2699-1   
  Ferncroft Turquoise Snow Silver Edge Z2699-2   
  Fleurette Snowflake   
  Fleuri Somerset (*)   
  Florence Sonata   
  Florizel Stafford   
  Forget-me-not Blue Strawberry Fair   
  Forget-me-not Pink Summer Morning   
  Georgian Cobalt Blue Sussex   
  Georgian Light Green Sutton   
  Georgian Red Topaz   
  Gloriana Townsend   
  Gold Chantilly (*) Click to View Pattern Tulip (*)   
  Golden Anniversary (*) Click to View Pattern Valencia Click to View Pattern   
  Golden Bracken Valentine   
  Gourmet Ventura Black   
  Grainger Imari Ventura Cobalt Blue   
  Granby Ventura Coral   
  Grosvenor Ventura Green   
  Grosvenor Pink Ventura Grey   
  Hampton Ventura Plum   
  Hanbury Ventura Rose   
  Harvest Ring (*) Click to View Pattern Ventura Ruby   
  Henley Verona   
  Holly Ribbons Green Versailles   
  Honey Orchard Viceroy Gold   
  Howard Black Viceroy Silver   
  Howard Black Platinum Village Christmas   
  Howard Cobalt Blue Vine Harvest   
  Howard Grey Gold Virginia   
  Howard Grey Silver Warmstry   
  Howard Lavender Watteau   
  Howard Leather Green Westminster   
  Howard Rose Wild Harvest   
  Howard Ruby Willoughby   
  Howard Sky Blue Windsor Fruit   
  Hyde Park (*) Click to View Pattern Windsor Green   
  Imari Woodland Blue   
  Imari Flowers Woodland Floral   
  Imari Star Worcester Herbs   
  Interlude Worcester Hop, The   
  Isabella Worcester Rose (see Bridal Rose)   
  June Garland (*) Click to View Pattern York   
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