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The Joys of Tablescaping

The Joys of Tablescaping

I can’t believe it’s time for our annual sale once again!

Last year, at the height of the pandemic, we had no idea how our sale would go. Would anyone open our email, let alone buy these beautiful treasures? Since entertaining these last 18+ months was primarily reserved for immediate family only, we asked ourselves if anyone still cared to set a nice table. To our pleasant surprise, the answer was YES! Not only have we found that you all still love your china, crystal, and sliver, but we also found that you opted to use it even for one or two people! Many of you have reconnected with your dinnerware as a cherished family heirloom and we think that’s fantastic. As most of us are finally entertaining again, let us be grateful that we can sit around the table with the ones we love, sharing food and making new memories. Cheers!

As winter is fast approaching, we Canadians are starting to hunker down for the colder weather. This cozy season is the perfect time to experiment and have fun setting the table. I’ve always enjoyed trying out new combinations, and as a result, have never set my holiday table the same way twice. It wasn’t until recently that I found out there are tablescaping competitions!

Have a look at this link to find some fun and crazy inspiration for your next dinner party. Who knows, maybe Echo’s will be entering one of these competitions soon—I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, give it a try and have some fun!

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