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Timeless Tips

We want you to use and enjoy your dinnerware and silver collections.

Here are some ideas to make the most of your timeless treasures:

China Tips & Techniques

  • By all means use a dishwasher; we hear many people say they don't use their dishes because they don't like the hand washing. We recommend you rinse your dishes well, put them in the dishwasher (excluding anything with handles, cups cream soups etc.), and use a mild detergent (approx. half of the normal amount). Too much detergent can be abrasive on the dishes. For gold or platinum dinnerware, make sure your dishes have completely cooled before unloading to ensure the metal has hardened.
  • Remember Sunday dinners? You don't need to make a big fancy meal like grandma, but something simple served on her china is almost as good.
  • Everything looks better on a platter. The next time you serve salad, pasta, or mixed vegetables, put it on your china platter. It's all in the presentation!
  • Do you find you forget to use your dishes or they are packed away? Why not take a few place settings out and put them in your kitchen cupboard for everyday use?
  • Try reinventing different ways to use some of your serving pieces. Put three cream soup bowls in the centre of a table with floating candles. Or try putting cranberries or other sauces in them as well.
  • Want an updated or different look for your dishes? Try mixing and matching. You might already have pieces from different collections that complement each other. Or look for dinner plates in the same colour family to create an eclectic look for your table.
  • Imagine lunch or dinner in Tuscany. You can create that same fresh, outdoor el fresco look at home with your china, a white table cloth and candles. Add generous wine glasses and all thatís missing is the grappa!
  • Did You Know?
    - By rotating your dishes from top to bottom you will get equal ware on your dishes.
    - Bone china is extremely strong.

Silver Tips & Techniques

  • Never use rubber bands to tie your sterling or silver plate flatware together. It leaves black marks that will not come off.
  • And do not wrap/store your flatware in just plastic wrap. Use a soft cloth and then wrap in plastic. The oxygen in the air reacts with the silver and causes it to tarnish.
  • Never expose your silver to bleach. It will turn black and have to be re-silvered.
  • Always take the salt out of your silver shakers after you use them as the salt causes corrosion.
  • Did you know that regular usage of your silver keeps it clean so you don't have to polish it as often?

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